Successful 2013 Council meeting of Union of Asian Alpine Association in Taipei
mountaineering Posted on: 2013/6/9 0:01
The 2013 Council meeting of Union of Asian Alpine Association(UAAA) was held from June 1 to June 4 in Taiwan. It was hosted by Chinese Taipei Alpine Association (CTAA), co-hosted by Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters, and Chinese Taipei Mountaineering Association. More than 40 executive members and representatives from eight member countries participated in the meeting, through which the general operation affairs of UAAA and issues such as environmental protection and ecological conservation of mountain and forestry were fully discussed and exchanged. It was a fruitful and successful gathering.During his welcome remarks, Dr. Chung-Da Ho, President of CTAA, urged the attendees to support his association to host the UAAA conference for further exchanges. Dr. In-Jeong Lee, President of UAAA, expressed his appreciation to the help of CTAA as well as other co-hosts to make the 2013 council meeting a successful event. Dr. Lee also mentioned that the visits to famous Taiwan resorts such as Shei-Pa National Park and Taroka National Park really impressed the attendees in terms of the environmental protection establishments and facilities. Dr. Lee looked forward to future exchanges with his Taiwan counterparts.Ambassador R. C. Wu, Director General of Department of NGO International Affairs of the Foreign Ministry, was invited as keynote speaker at the farewell party. Amb. Wu emphasized that his government has paid special attention on the ecological protection as Taiwan is a populated island state. Almost 20% of the land has been designated as protection areas for wildlife and environment. Amb. Wu took one example to illustrate his government’s efforts on ecological conservation. The No. 3 Freeway, which was built in 2004, happened to block the migration route of the Purple Crow Butterflies from Maolin National Scenic Area of Kaohsiung to Linei Hsiang of Yulin County. Many butterflies were hit by high speed automobiles before overflew the freeway. The Freeway Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications built road fences along the freeway to protect those butterflies from hit. Amb. Wu also encouraged foreign distinguished attendees to work together with their Taiwanese counterparts for the promotion of eco-tourism.The attendees also touched upon the subject of how to protect the forestry and environment while promoting mountaineering, which will result in a sustainable inter-independence system. The attendees were also impressed by the Taiwan hospitalities and local cuisine.

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