We are invited by Republic of China Sports Federation to join as a member, and by Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee’s approval to apply the national athletic association as the only representative of the international organization of mountain sports official member.
In order to meet the standard of International Olympic Committee of joining or holding international competitions, we named as 中華台北山岳協會.

English name is Chinese Taipei Alpine Association.

Our business contents are:

  1. To represent R.O.C. to join international organization related to mountain sport, and to attend the relevant activities of it.
  2. To conduct national-mountain-sport and mountain-protection-related development and activity.
  3. To handle national and international sports event.
  4. To deal with qualification and recommendation of national-mountain-sport team attending international activities.
  5. To manage oversea invitation and arrangement of visiting China for mountain-sport event.
  6. To conduct qualification, examination, recommendation, registration, correction and professional training of national mountain instructor, referee, coach, liner, route setter and levels of guide.
  7. To handle qualification, recommendation and registration of international guide.
  8. To set mountain-sport-related rule and to deal with equipment using.
  9. To regulate mountain sport, nationally or internationally, mountain protection, sightseeing and traveling and relevant survey, planning and management, etc.
  10. To edit, publish works and documents relevant to mountain sport and mountain protection.
  11. To deal with other activities and trainings related to mountain sport and outdoor recreation.
  12. To hold levels of climbing competition nationally or internationally.

        CTTA is the only representative of mountain sport by Republic of China Sports Federation and Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee’s approval. We are commissioned cases by national or international society, assisting international groups in mountaineering in ROC, mountain cleaning and path adopting in national park.

CTTA is not only a loyal member of IFSC.AFSC.UIAA (International Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing), UIAA Climbing, UAAA (Union of Asian Alpine Associations), but also joins IML and IVV; furthermore, it holds climbing competition in nation and participates international ones. We organized Asian Climbing Championship in 1998 and first Asian Bouldering Championship in 2001 and 15th Asian Climbing Championship in 2006、the world games 2009 in kaoshung. The 20th international hiking and the 64th national hiking have been held. Every year CTTA holds at least 5 large-scale activities, in which hundreds of thousands of people take part. It has become a tradition promoting mountaineering and hiking in different ways and locations. CTAA is an approach, which connects the government with non-governmental group. It is authorized by the government to participate international mountaineering and climbing, etc; besides, it develops mountain skiing. International groups are welcomed to enjoy sightseeing, mountaineering and traveling in Taiwan; we will greet you with our best service.