Dear international walkers:

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IML walking events held in most of countries up to now had been canceled.

In Taiwan, we are very lucky that the epidemic has now been effectively controlled and no domestic cases have occurred for 2 months. Therefore, outdoor activities in our country are permitted in the latter part of the year. Our Taiwan Happiness Walking Festival on November 7, 8 will be held as scheduled at least for the people in our country.

As for the IML part and international friends, up to now, most inter-countries flights have not been resumed, and our government has not yet opened border control for traveling visa. That’s why we have not yet started the registration work for international friends. It depends on the future development of the pandemic around the world, and the relaxing of the border control.

We hope that there will be good news before the end of July that we can open up the website to let international friends register for walking. If the situation isn’t getting better or clear then, we will make a final decision at the end of July.

This year happens to be the 30th anniversary of Taiwan’s IML Walking Festival. Last year at our 29th IML farewell party, we once announced that there will be a special celebration of an extra one-day journey to the Sun-Moon-Lake and a commemorative ceremony for Mr. Ebashi Shinshiro, the late president of Japan Walking Association, who had strongly supported and helped Taiwan to join the big family of IML and IVV. But, due to the unpredictable and COVID-19 this year, even the walking festival is resumed, any extended programs are advised to be postponed or canceled. Also, the expected number of international participants will be much less than before. Therefore, two of the above celebratory and commemorative programs will be canceled and postponed in this year’s walking event.

Safety is always our first priority. We wish all our international walking friends safe and healthy during this hard time.

Please check back later.